Transmission steels are generally supplied cold-drawn or ground to tolerance h11, with a bright surface finish.

Automat steels are suitable for series machining. High sulfur (S) content and lead (Pb) addition resulted in small and brittle chip formation. Vending steels are preferred in machines suitable for high speed serial production. The processed materials have very good surface properties. Due to its easy chip removal, it provides both the advantage of short machining time and long cutting tool life to the manufacturer. Automat steel can be applied to heat treatment if desired.

Hexagonal shafts are produced by hot and cold rolling method. The transmission can be of different qualities such as auto and manufacturing steel. It can also be used in many fields such as machine manufacturing, construction sector, bolt and nut manufacturing.

Flat iron is one of the most robust and durable irons produced in recent trials. It is the main carrier and foundation stone of the sections where it is generally used, especially steel constructions.

Square steel bars are known for their hardness, strength and high wear resistance. They are mainly used to produce medium to large components for industrial equipment. They are again one of the popular categories with a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry.

Carbon, which is the basic alloying element of steel, affects the hardness and strength properties of steel. In general, it contains between 0.4 and 1.5% carbon elements. The increased amount of carbon increases the hardness to a certain extent and reduces the weldability of the steel. Examples of applications include machine manufacturing, shafts, gears, bolts and nuts.

4140 refers to the quality of the material, also referred to as reclamation steel. In other words, 4140 is a kind of reclamation steel that should come to mind when we say steel. The 4140 treatment steel contains a high amount of carbon in its alloy. In this case, it obtains a structure suitable for hardening. It shows high toughness under certain loads at the end of breeding process.

Thanks to the carbon impregnated on the surface of the steel, the surface of cementation steels; The center of the steel is softer while it is hard and durable. Due to these properties, cementation steels become easy to work. It generally contains between 0.10% and 0.20% carbon elements.

Hot or cold workpiece; cutting, punching, forming, bending, hot or cold forging, injection, extrusion, etc. methods used in the making of tools and molds used to make the steel group is called tool steels.

Rolled from 6 mm to 865 mm outer diameter. Forged wall thickness from 865 mm to 1200 mm External wall thickness from 1.5 mm to 200 mm Steel drawing pipes are available in all types of steel demanded in European and American standards