These are flat steel in sheet having a width in the range of 1.000-3.800 mm and a thickness in the range of 5.00-200.00 mm and flat steel in the form of coils or sheets varying in thickness from 1.50 to 20.00 mm, obtained by hot rolling and in hot rolling mill, a semi-product of rectangular cross-sectional form, called slab, formed by the solidification of liquid steel by continuous casting.

It is mainly hot rolled coil and has been further processed. After cooling at room temperature and / or after hot rolling, the steel is processed in cold rolling facilities. With cold rolling process, coils of different quality and size are obtained.

Both surfaces are coated with zinc and it is defined as carbon steel coil. The coil is coated by continu- ous galvanizing method and made both smoother and corrosion resistant. Galvanized coils are widely used in various industries.

After a certain amount of galvanizing process is applied to the cold rolled coil, paint is applied. Coils are painted according to various RAL codes are offered to the service of the industry.

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Coil is the coil which is made suitable for shaping by acidification method. Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Coil is used in automotive industry, construction industry, machinery manufacturing industry, industry products requiring plastering and shaping.