Square and rectangular box profiles in accordance with TS 6475, TS 6476, DIN 2394, DIN 2395, EN 10219 / 1-2, BS 6363, BS 6323, NFA 49-145, St12, St34-2, St37-2 quality steel as standard The bands are manufactured with high frequency source (ERW).

The quality from which galvanized box profiles are usually produced can be described as DX51D. Galvanized box profiles are preferred more frequently in areas where corrosion can be experienced intensively. According to the demand of the customer, the welding place can be black or, if desired, the application can be done automatically with the spray containing zinc.

It is more economical because it is water based. Environmentally friendly according to organic paint systems. Because of the lack of solvent, there is less risk of fire. It does not adversely affect human health. Paint equipment is very easy to clean. Since there is no odor, material can be used immediately after application. Application area is wide, suitable for all kinds of metal coating. It is resistant to UV rays and heat. Does not make yellowing and cracking over time. Corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance are high. It has high adhesion and is resistant to mechanical effects. Brightness is permanent, fast dries. Covering power is high. The application is easy. It can be applied with airless guns.

Stainless profile is mostly used in construction sector. Especially in steel construction structures. Profile selection may vary depending on the designed opening. Generally, steel square and rectangular profiles are used in the steel construction structures made in our country. If these profiles are to be stored, the circumference of the I profile can be filled with concrete and stored in a square or rect- angular profile. Both composite is formed a carrier element, as well as a more rigid system would have considered the fact that when the earthquake in Turkey.

Black steel pipe; mainly used for gas lines. It is also used to connect tools to supply lines. The black steel pipe is also used for fire sprinkler systems due to its strong resistance to heat. It is usually combined with welding or mechanical couplings. It can be used instead of galvanized pipe in projects other than drinking water transportation. The black iron pipe is actually made of low grade “soft steel derec compound.

Galvanized pipes are zinc-plated pipes with hot-dip method to protect the steel against corrosion and indoor humidity. Galvanize is the most preferred low cost coating method in the world due to the most durable coating against rain acid. Galvanized pipes are mainly used in cases where marine applications, constructions, interior installations, water lines, electricity / flag poles should be protected against rust.

Spiral stitched pipes are produced by fusing the steel band of the quality that the standards foreseen by spiraling into a tubular form and combining the band edges with internal and external submerged arc welding method. Thanks to the corrosion protection techniques and materials that have been developed for a long time now, the steel pipes are the first in the areas of use with the other superior features mentioned below. Spiral welded steel pipes with an outer diameter of 219.1mm to 3048mm and thickness of 4mm to 40mm; can be produced with welding rim, muffle and flanged. Pipes with a wall thickness of more than 25,4 mm are manufactured from sheet metal sheet.

Industrial pipes are manufactured according to the demands of the customers with different quality, hot and cold rolled bands of special materi- als with high ability to take shape, surface quality nickel and similar coatings are produced in accordance with the latest technology machines.